Brighter Futures are on the Horizon

Educational support pioneers and valued Impression Point client Horizons at GFA is bringing back this annual fundraising favorite.

Developing a lifetime love for learning and building a brighter future for K-12 students since 1998, Horizons at Green Farms Academy is a mission-driven organization dedicated to providing support to under-resourced schools throughout Bridgeport.

One of the truly wonderful things about our work at Impression Point is helping to support the vision, mission, and goals of our clients – especially when the work they do is literally changing lives and reshaping the future of hundreds of young people.  Horizons at Green Farms Academy has been providing academic, emotional, social, and financial support to underserved and under-resourced students throughout the Bridgeport area.  The work of Horizons GFA has helped countless students develop a life-long love of learning, necessary soft skills, as well as the resiliency and emotional/social skills necessary to build a bright future for themselves.  Through an assortment of integrated programs, Horizons GFA works with children as young as kindergarten to develop the confidence, skills, and academic capacity that will help them succeed in college and in life. 

When we say the dedication, commitment, and compassion displayed on a daily basis by the team at Horizons GFA is remarkable – we mean it.  The organization as a whole is united by its singular goal of transforming the lives of children who have historically been left behind – and their work is nothing short of miraculous.  Fueled by the support of the local community, businesses, and other caring individuals throughout the region, Horizons GFA is able to provide these critical supports to these students through fundraising events and in-kind donations.  At Impression Point, we have been fortunate enough to work alongside Horizons GFA and support their powerful work by creating promotional and fundraising materials, flyers, brochures, posters, banners, stationery, and brochures – all critical components to spreading their message and their mission in a professional and impressive way that helps drives financial support from the community.

Horizons GFA is proud to announce the return of one of their most popular fundraising events – The Horizons Open at The Country Club of Fairfield.  A golf tournament unlike any other, The 17th Annual Horizons Open will feature a Beach Bash, complete with delicious cocktails, dancing, music, and more – as well as the opportunity to put your golfing skills to the test at one of New England’s top golf courses.  Impression Point is proud to support and Horizons GFA as they make their best impression for this iconic event, as well as their other promotional items and outreach products. 

Thank you to Horizons GFA – not only for being such a valued and cherished client of Impression Point, but for the tremendous work you do for our most vulnerable citizens.  The future of countless Bridgeport residents has been forever changed because of the work you do, and we are honored to call you our client.

Learn more about Horizons GFA and support their work at: