Customer Spotlight: Noroton Fire Department

In 1736 Benjamin Franklin founded the first American volunteer fire company in Philadelphia. Such companies were soon organized in other colonies. Among those who served as volunteer firefighters were George Washington, Alexander Hamilton, John Hancock, Samuel Adams and Paul Revere. Volunteer firefighters were honored with frequent stanzas in urban newspapers and made the subject of heroizing prints by the popular American printmaking firm Currier and Ives. 

Volunteer Firemen’s Parade, March 4th 1872 in New Orleans around the statue of Henry Clay. Painting by Victor Pierson and Paul E. Poincy.

The Noroton Fire and Rescue was founded in 1896 in Darien and has proudly served the community for the last 123 years. This 100% volunteer fire department responds to more than 300 calls per year in Darien.

On June 29th, we are all invited to join these volunteers at their annual Block Party on the corner of Nearwater Lane and the Post Road. This fun event is great chance for the community to get together and show support for these courageous volunteers. At this family-friendly event there is always good food, music and fun activities, and this year the firefighters will be giving rides on the fire truck to kids from 5-7 pm! There is even a raffle where you can buy a chance to win a boat and other great prizes.

As a group, Firefighters are great at helping others, but not very good at asking others for help. This fundraising event is key to the successful operation of the department in 3 ways.

  • Help maintain and upgrade the 60+ year old fire house.
  • Purchase updated and new equipment to keep up with the science of firefighting and rescue.
  • Advanced training to be ready to respond to the wide-ranging needs of this vibrant community.

Please go to and purchase a raffle ticket to support this wonderful organization and get your chance to win a boat!

“What is the essence of life? To serve others and to do good.” -Aristotle
This quote about volunteering spoken by Aristotle some 2300 years ago is still relevant and meaningful today.

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