Dripping with Opportunity

3 Reasons to Use Drip Campaigns in Your Next Marketing Plan

We’ve all started an online purchase that we didn’t complete, and within 24 hours we start receiving the series of abandoned shopping cart emails. This form of drip campaign is an effective tactic for converting leads to sales. While potential buyers are looking for leaks (okay, no more puns after this) in their inbox daily, a drip campaign is a low-cost, high return approach for stopping them in their tracks and the path to a sale.

Why drip campaigns should be part of any sales strategy:

Reason #1:Leads nurtured over time experience a 45% increase in lead generation ROI.*

Many companies make the mistake of giving up on leads after the first or second exposure. Most leads that you follow up on might not be ready today, but could be next week or next month.  Understanding this principle is important for any business trying to increase ROI. By continuing the dialog, prospects and customers are more likely to consider you first. More communication equals more information about your audience and the continued communication will give you insight into how you can further cultivate leads and move the audience to your end goal.

Reason #2:  Drip emails to a segmented list can drive 18x more revenue**

Consumers like more personalized content.  And when your company answers a buyer need or pain point at just the right time, they are more likely to open, click and convert. There’s your prospect, scrolling through their inbox when your subject line perfectly addresses a need for product research. Betty Sue, have you seen the new stats on PRODUCT X? Betty Sue will open the email and click that link 119% more often when the email is personalized to her.**

Reason #3: Drips generate 50% more sales-ready leads at 33% lower cost***

Without a doubt, drip email campaigns are a low cost, low maintenance marketing approach. Once you set your behavioral triggers, determine the content you’ll use as a lead magnet and automate the campaign,it runs on its own.Think of the time and money involved in cultivating new customers, especially with long B2B sales cycles. Your well-designed drip campaign will maintain buyer attention, provide all of the necessary follow up and move prospects to a sale far more cost efficiently.  

Your goal should be to pique interest, develop trust and build credibility along the path to your desired objective. By providing the right email message at the right time you’ll gain a satisfied customer, speed up your sales cycle and significantly reduce your cost of acquisition. And that is why drip campaigns are so effective!

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