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3 Killer Digital Marketing Tips To Stay On Top

Marketing trends change every year and even more often in the digital world. Since competition is heavy across the web, your digital marketing needs to keep up if you want your business to survive. Here are 3 important pieces of advice for keeping your digital marketing on the top of its game in 2019.


1. Be Quick

Expecting Rapid Responses

More research is going into smartphone users and their micro-moments: times when users reach for their phones for quick answers and rapid responses. “How late is Tokyo Sushi open?” “Can dogs eat almonds?” Searches like these take only seconds and the user often relies on the first 1 or 2 answers on Google they see.

For brief searches like these, your website’s SEO needs to be on top of its game. Making your point quickly will also help rank your website higher on Google (and maybe even in Google’s featured snippets).

Moments of Boredom

These micro-moments don’t just happen when a user needs an answer. Many people whip out their phone for a quick social media scan or to catch a few headlines in an elevator ride or in line at a coffee shop.

To keep your digital marketing up to par, keep headlines catchy, social media posts engaging and content easy to read.

Faster Internet Speeds

Since about 2012, internet speeds have been drastically increasing for users across the US. This leads users to expect quick loading times on their phones, tablets and computers.

Now that the faster 5G networks are being rolled out, users will expect apps and websites to load even more quickly. And since over half of mobile users leave a site if it doesn’t load within 3 seconds, your potential customers may find business elsewhere if your site takes too long to open.

Plus, with Google now ranking websites based on how well they perform on a mobile device, a quickly loading site is more important than ever.


2. Be Honest

2018’s Transparency Mini-Revolution

If any lesson can grow from the chaos of 2018, it’s to be honest. With data breaches, the scrutiny of terms of service agreements, and nearly every website reminding you that they use cookies, transparency will be key in 2019.

Choose Your Words Wisely

You can’t use wordplay to trick people into buying your product anymore. Using phrases like “conveniently located” or “unlike any other” are only relative to each customer, and they know it. Instead, be straightforward about the facts of your product and how it benefits your target audience.


3. Be Relevant


If you haven’t worked video into your strategy yet, you’re already behind—and video use is only projected to grow in 2019. Today, 74% of all internet traffic is video. More importantly, 90% of internet users say videos help them decide what to buy.

To stay ahead, find ways to use videos in places like your website, social media and email marketing. You could offer tutorials, create behind-the-scenes looks at your company, or use Facebook Live as digital blogs.

Influencer Marketing

Marketing with influencers grew rapidly in the past 5 years, and growth is projected into 2019 as well.

Influencers are mini-experts on social media that show off products to their followers. Unlike A-list celebrities that can cost a fortune (and can have little experience with the products they’re promoting) and industry specialists who can be awkward in front of a camera, influencers can promote your product at a lower cost and to a more specific audience.

Why promote using influencers? Think of it as the intersection between word-of-mouth and advertising. Many consumers rely heavily on word-of-mouth and reviews while shopping, and influencers (paired with the favored use of video) help meet the middle ground of reviews and promotions.


Need A Hand With Digital Marketing in 2019?

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