What is Variable Data Printing?

Variable Data Printing and Direct Mail Services from Impression Point

Variable data printing is an excellent way to personalize communication with customers or potential customers so that your message has the most impact. Using advanced software, variable data printing allows for the customization of mass print media. This means that you can have different names, addresses, and even images based on specific customer data. From every door direct mail pieces to loyalty programs and everything in between, the possibilities are endless!

Personalized direct mail pieces generally have higher response rates over standard bulk mail and some research shows increased response rates of up to 500%! Better response rates are not the only benefit as variable data printing also leads to stronger client relationships and brand loyalty. Personalized pieces help build connections between your brand and your clients giving them the personalized attention that they expect.

The use of variable data printing is limitless and can really help jumpstart new businesses. Targeted mailing lists can reach interested consumers and generate higher response and purchase rates. In addition, tracking can be implemented on offers or coupons so that you can see which campaigns are the most successful and efficiently use your marketing budget.

The next time you’re looking to reach new customers or connect more with you current clients, try using variable data printing to personalize your direct mail campaign. The team at Impression Point is always available to help you with new ideas and solutions for any marketing strategy.

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