Customer Spotlight: Simply Gardens

Simply Gardens, a locally based specialty horticulturist, installs and maintains container and vegetable gardens using sustainable healthy harvests. Simply Gardens was looking to grow their client base through direct mail marketing. However, they were faced with four key challenges:

1. How to identify the target audience

2. Where to procure the addresses

3. How to design the multi-purpose brochure for direct mail and handout

4. How to print and mail the brochure as efficiently as possible

Because Simply Gardens offers specialty services and products to a niche consumer, they needed to tightly define their target audience to maximize the return on investment. After meeting with Bob LaBanca, he advised and led the project in the following three solution areas offered by Impression Point:

Demographic Analysis

Impression Point provided a demographic assessment to help Simply Gardens select the right group of potential leads for the campaign. In addition, Impression Point compiled a mailing list based off of specific geographic and demographic parameters for the desired niche market.

Graphic Design

It was important that the Simply Gardens mailer make a strong visual impact when received in the mailboxes of their leads. The graphic design department at Impression Point designed the mailer leveraging the brand look and feel of Simply Gardens giving them a piece that would make a great first impression.

Print, Assembly and Postage

Through the use of Impression Point’s high efficiency custom printing and mailing services, the brochures were printed and mailed at the lowest print and postage rates.

Over 3,000 mailers were sent out in the Fairfield and Westchester County area. Initial results show Simply Gardens business to be blooming! Be sure to check your mailbox for a colorful burst of summer horticulture!