Serving the Community from Stamford to Peru

We’re happy to support the hard work and dedication of Amelia Clark and her group who are in Peru on a service trip donating their time and energy to promote healthy habits and literacy to the children in Pampas Grande.

“So many thanks to Impression Point for donating the printing of the “Mi Familia Sana” books which encourage the importance of healthy habits. The children in Pampas Grande, Peru loved them and were so grateful! We hope that the books will foster healthy habits and literacy in this rural community! This project would not have been possible without the help of Impression Point!”        ~ Amelia Clark

Visit the Richmond Global Health Alliance website to read more about their mission and global work.

Impression Point is always proud to support our community and those who give selflessly to help others. We’re very proud of Amelia and the work that she’s doing in Peru with her group and are happy to offer our continued support.