Is EDDM a good match for my business?

Introduced in 2011 by the U.S. Postal Service, Every Door Direct Mail® service, EDDM is a unique direct mail marketing program that lets your business send promotional mailings to your desired target audiences without the need to acquire a mailing list and print the names and addresses on the pieces. It’s a game-changing, powerful way for small businesses to “Go Local”; reaching every door of any neighborhood. This program offers a discounted postage rate and allows you to send large, high impact, full color postcards to your target zip codes. This is a great marketing tool for many businesses and we are glad to offer a full service approach to EDDM where we can help you navigate all the requirements from design through delivery and produce a truly effective direct mail marketing effort.

While EDDM is great tool, your type of business and the density of your target audience in a specific zip code dictates it may be more economical to use a mailing list and go with a personalized marketing message. As a preferred U.S. Postal vendor, we are well versed in the postal rates and requirements and can help you maximize your marketing budgets by determining which direct mail option makes more sense for you. Just give us a call and tell us about your business objectives and target audience and we can work with you to determine the most effective plan.

If you aren’t familiar with EDDM here are some FAQs.

How does EDDM® work?
The EDDM service uses a simplified addressing format (for example, “Local Postal Customer”). Simply identify the neighborhoods you want to reach and a USPS letter carrier will take your printed pieces to every home and/or business in that postal route.

How do I choose zip codes and postal routes?
This is one of the best features of EDDM. We can work with you to define the best postal routes to reach your potential client specifically. The USPS’ ideal delivery route tool can be a bit overwhelming, but we are here to help.

What Can I Mail?
The USPS has certain EDDM size and paper requirements. We find these three sizes to be optimum, but can work with you to find the best size for your needs.
• 4.25 x 11
• 6.25 x 9
• 8.5 x 11
We can also show you examples of paper and finish choices so that your piece looks its best!

What should it look like?
If you need design services, gather together your ideas and we are here to make it happen. If you have your postcard already designed use our ‘SEND A FILE’ link on our web site,, and follow the easy steps. We will coordinate with you on budget, timing and postal routes.

Visit the USPS EDDM site for more details:
• EDDM Overview –
• Benefits of Direct Mail –

Don’t hesitate to give us a call or send us an e-mail with your questions about EDDM or direct mail marketing. We are here to answer your questions and help you make your best impression.