3 Reasons Direct Mail Works

Mohawk paper recently shared a post on the power of direct mail. We wanted to share this with you as our ongoing commitment to you, our customers. If this sparks some questions or thoughts, feel free to pick up the phone or email – we are glad to help!

2,904. That is the number of marketing messages we are exposed to each day, 52 of which capture our attention and just 4 of which we actually remember.

Those numbers may seem mind boggling, but think about the activities that fill your day and it’s easy to see how the overexposure takes shape.

On average, 27 personal emails make their way into your inbox each day, with many more hitting your professional account. Meanwhile, the average household receives just 3 pieces of physical mail a day.

It’s not difficult to see which medium has a better chance of cutting through the clutter. The next time you need to ensure that a message is seen, consider creating a (printed) direct mail piece. Here are 3 reasons why direct mail works, especially in today’s e-everything world:

1. Opportunities to Stand Apart!

With only three pieces of physical mail arriving in the mailbox each day, there are fewer distractions and less competition- allowing your direct mail message to shine.

Once in the mailbox, your messaging is in good hands…literally! The USPS conducted a study and found that 98% of consumers bring in the mail the day it’s delivered and an incredible 77% review their mail immediately.

2. Trustworthy and Enjoyable

Print elicits feelings of trust. For many, there is real power in the printed word. A study by Print in the Mix found that 56% of respondents cited print as the most trustworthy of media channels. ­

And it’s not difficult to imagine why. Email marketing, search advertising, and online banner ads can come across as intrusive. In an online setting, consumers may be wary to click links due to security concerns – especially from brands they aren’t familiar with.

For many, receiving printed mail is a pleasure; whether it is a hand written note from a friend, an acceptance letter or a unique catalog. Engaging the sense of touch makes print special.

3. Proven to Deliver Results.

First and foremost, direct mail triggers action from its recipients. According to the Direct Marketing Association, its response rate (4.4%) is remarkably higher than that of email (0.12%) and online display ads by a wide margin.

Direct mail can also work in tandem with your online efforts. A 2013 study by the DMA, From Letter to Inbox, found that the top-three actions people take after receiving direct mail from a brand they’re interested in is: (1) visit their website (44%), (2) search online (34%), and (3) keep the direct mail piece for future reference (26%).

What’s more, the USPS found that shoppers who receive a direct mail piece directing them to an online site spend an average of 13% more than those who do not receive a printed piece.

For you and your customers, that’s a sure recipe for success!

Thank you again to Mohawkconnect for such an insightful post! By the way we are proud members of DMCNY, where you can find more information of direct mail practices.